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Stefano Tumidei.


Ex convento di Santa Cristina, second floor (Fondazione Federico Zeri).




11.246 photos

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The collection, partially ordered by the art historian, is divided into 31 boxes that contain photographs of painting, sculpture and design. Inside each box the photos are stored in folders arranged by authors (in alphabetical order) and by places (regions, cities). In addition to the ordered part, the collection includes 5 boxes of mixed negatives, proof and positives.

Scope and content

The part of the archive ordered by the scholar is made up of 5.655 phototypes, mainly gelatin silver prints (2.559), color prints (54 cibachromes and 555 chromogenic prints), contact sheet prints (1.736), and negatives (456). Over 2.600 images were shot by the scholar himself. A hundred of photos show on the verso handwritten notes and indications for their publication. In the folders, together with the photos, there are numerous photocopies and attached materials, such as letters, notes and receipts attesting the purchase of photographic materials. The non ordered part is kept in 5 boxes, for a total of 5.600 phototypes. About the content, the core of the Stefano Tumidei photoarchive is the one that documents painting and sculpture in Bologna and in Romagna between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries, with particular reference to the artists object of specific studies by the scholar: Palmezzano, Melozzo, Trentanove, Giacomo Rossi.


People and organizations

Massimo Ferretti Andrea Emiliani Anna Ottani Cavina Andrea Bacchi

Artists, schools, periods

Baroque Gian Lorenzo Bernini 17th century Renaissance 15th century 16th century neoclassicism 18th century Antonio Trentanove Melozzo da Forlì Giacomo Rossi Marco Palmezzano Pietro Bracci Alessandro Algardi Pierre Paul Puget Giacomo De Maria Bolognese School

Genres and themes

Christian iconography sculpture mythology portrait drawing fresco painting oil painting panel painting

Other contents

Bologna archive gelatin silver process Rasponi palace Guidarello Guidarelli Feo chapel Certani collection

History of collection

The chronology of the photo collection coincides indicatively with the scientific activity of the scholar (1984-2007). After Tumidei's death and his bequest to the Federico Zeri Foundation, the photo Archive was moved to Bologna where it was inventoried and mapped. More than 5,200 phototypes have been cataloged at item level. Entries and images can be consulted on the Foundation's online database.


donation. 1934.



Finding Aids

In 2009 the photo archive was inventoried and mapped. Since 2015 more than 5,200 phototypes have been cataloged at item level. Entries and images can be consulted on the Foundation's online database.




Bacchi, A., & Barbero, L. M. (2016). Studi in onore di Stefano Tumidei. Venezia: Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Bologna: Fondazione Federico Zeri

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archivists say

An indispensable work tool, Stefano Tumidei's photo library reflects the scholar's interests and research fields, as evidenced by the rich photographic documentation dedicated to Bolognese and Romagna art. The photographs taken by the scholar himself, documenting his work as a photographer, are very interesting. Made during his many travels, in Italian and European churches and museums, the shots reveal a constant search for the best observation point, perfect framing, and attention to artworks details. Photographs rarely present autograph notes on the verses: only on the artist's proofs and on photographs evidently used for publications can be found handwritten notes by the scholar. In particular, on Tumidei specimens, he notes in pen the author and the place of conservation of the photographed work. Some photographs present the scholar's stamp on the verso.

related nuclei and collections

The library and personal archive of Stefano Tumidei were donated and are actually held by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna, Campus of Ravenna.