Explore ARTchives

Explore art historians' archival collections through the lenses of data. Discover archival collections that are related to artistic movements, historical periods, artists, art historians correspondants', or organisations.

Artistic periods

Explore archival collections through the lenses of historical or artistic periods.

In this visualisation, artistic and historical periods addressed in materials preserved in art historians' archival collections are shown in a timeline.

Hover the timeline and scroll up or down to zoom on a time span.

Drag left/right to move the timeline.

Double-click on the title of a bubble to see which collections address that period.

* Temporal data are collected from Wikidata and are meant to be placeholders in the timeline. No specific periodisation is endorsed.

Birth places

Explore art historians' by their birth places.

In this visualisation, art historians' described in ARTchives are put in a map grouped by their birth place.