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art historian. bookseller.

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Born on October 5, 1905 in Berlin. Cohn studied in Berlin between 1923-26 under Adolph Goldschmid and in Freiburg 1926-29 under Hans Jantzen, where he wrote his dissertation in 1929. His topic was Hans Hohlbein the Younger. Younger ones. Between 1931 and 1933, Cohn worked as a volunteer in the departments for prints and drawings of the State Museums in Berlin. When the Nazis came to power, Cohn, a Protestant of Jewish descent, was released from his position. He had to leave Berlin in 1936. He worked for the Heitz publishing house in Strasbourg. He participated in the series of books on prints (single sheet prints) until 1935. For this purpose, he searched for libraries in museums, antiquarian bookshops and also churches worldwide. He had been living in Florence since 1935. There he was hired by New York University professor Richard Offner as an assistant. Together with Klara Steinweg, they worked on the corpus of Florentine painting, a critical and historical work on painting. When World War II broke out in Europe, Cohn and Offner traveled to the United States. Steinweg returned to Germany. Cohn spent the war years in Assisi and collected material about the influence of the "commune" on the cultural life in the 13th century. After the war, Cohn returned to Florence, where he worked as a translator in the Uffizi archives. He also tried to stay afloat in the 1940s-50s as a book purchaser of art books. He worked on a documentary volume of Florentine Painting, which was supported by a research grant from Germany (German Research Foundation). Unfortunately, this work remained incomplete because he died in Florence at the age of 55 on September 2, 1960. His obituary was written by U. Middeldorf, which appeared in the reports of the KHI.

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Main works

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About the scholar

Middeldorf, U. (1960). In memoriam Werner Cohn. Florenz: Kunsthistorisches Institut. Sonderdruck aus : Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz. Firenze. 9.1959/60, 3/4, 265-266


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