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art historian. doctor.

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Gustav Ludwig was a doctor and art historian. He worked for twenty years as a doctor in London where he began to frequent the art galleries and exhibitions (about 1876-1895). He then studied attributionism in Vienna under Theodor Frimmel and wrote numerous papers on graphic art. Between 1896 and 1897 he went to Venice where he started to practice archival research in the State Archives of the city.

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Main works

Ludwig, G. (1868). The Albertina and the National Gallery: with remarks on the popular study of drawings by the Old Masters. The Art Journal, 359-364

Ludwig, G., & Molmenti, P. (1903). Vittore Carpaccio et la Confrérie de Sainte Ursule à Venise, Florence: Bemporad

Bode, W., Gronau, G., & Ludwig, G. (Eds.). (1911). Archivalische Beiträge zur Geschichte der venezianischen Kunst. In Repertorium für Kunstwissenschaft (vol. 34, pp. 352-356), Berlin: Cassirer

About the scholar

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